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Deane Code  |  Founder & Head of Communications

Deane leverages relevant industry trends to develop strategies that engage and resonate with audiences and key stakeholders. Whether it’s to advance, protect or enhance brand reputation, Deane can navigate the ever-changing media landscape with ease. She has advised on top global brands reigning in food and nutrition, health and wellness, consumer finance, fintech, corporate, home care, home entertainment and beauty.  As CodeDComm she led the nationwide communications launch for SPLASH Spiked Sparkling Water, a new ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage in spring/summer of 2018, among other brand campaigns.


She is committed to fitness and wellness, dedicating her off-time to training as an ELITE Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE) competitor and helping busy professionals take back their health. She is also a passionate animal lover and supporter of the film arts.